#thefrontstepsproject #thefrontstepsprojectmaynard Update #3

Folks, we are over 1/3 of the way to our goal as of this today! That’s $1845 in one week!

Other stats:

  • 66 people/families have signed up
  • 27 sittings have been completed and delivered
  • 17 sittings are scheduled to be taken
  • 14 signed up and yet to schedule
Does it get any cuter than this?

Here’s the Crossland family, whom I photographed a couple of days ago. Patty, second from the right, is the president of the Maynard Community Chest – she put her money where her mouth is, made a donation and received this super fun photo of her family!

You can sign up for your session here or just make a donation here.

Meanwhile, yesterday morning, I caught up on all of the prior day’s portraits. Then, in the afternoon, I set out on my bike to do six more. That’s me in the lower left with my bike, “Mumen Rider,” over by The Mill.

It’s a single speed commuter bike. Yes: no derailleurs! For most of Maynard, it’s got the perfect gearing but those trips up Butler, Vose Hill and Fairfield Street are really a challenge.

It’s been great pedaling back and forth across town, going up and down streets both familiar and new (to me) and getting a different perspective on a town I’ve grown to love over the last 15 years. Certainly, having the opportunity to make new friends is the cherry on top!