The Front Steps Project: Maynard – Patty

Patty –

Day to day life for us is beginning to take shape in a new way. I am the only one in the family who goes to work outside of the home since the place I work is considered an essential business and the office has a staff of less than ten people. Our company makes machines that are being used for Covid-19 testing. It stresses me out every time I leave the house, but I know my coworkers and I are taking all the measures necessary to be safe and I know the work we are doing is helping where it counts.

My husband works from home and has experienced a huge increase in workload as he is developing software for virtual graduation ceremonies for colleges and universities. The kids have been adjusting to online learning and socializing. The adjustment has been tough at points, especially for the youngest. I’ve seen some moodiness and a lot of naps. I’ve also seen some great creativity expressed and clever workarounds to get in exercise and play. I’ve been heartened by the bonding moments with family. We have been communicating much more with siblings in other states and especially with my dad, who lives in assisted living and is very bored and lonely.

As a community, I recognize how much we are interconnected in all of this. I have been so inspired by the many stories of folks reaching out to support each other in many ways: those making masks to distribute or delivering groceries and take-out food to others in town, the teachers and educators who are giving so much to keep their students connected and learning, and the people on the front-lines of the pandemic who are fighting to keep us safe. For these things, I am deeply grateful.