The Front Steps Project: Maynard – Denise

Denise, with her family, some holding photos of family members who weren’t there for the photo.

Denise –

As a mom of 7, I feel like I have been on the run with a crazy scheduled life for over 2 decades now. If this time has given me anything, its the ability to slow down and fully appreciate what I have. Daily walks in the woods with just my dog has given me the time for self refection that I don’t remember having for a very long time.

That being said, as a two educator family with 4 teenagers still in the house, it’s also a bit crazy. Trying to navigate all online schooling and changes to how we ‘do’ education has made all of us think more deeply about education as a whole. We have had some great dinner conversations about how this all works, and what everyone is getting from it all.

When we come out on the other end of all this, my hope is that we all look at education a little differently, and perhaps adjust our priorities when thinking about education and our children. Maybe there is a ‘light’ at the end of this tunnel.

Even though the project is on hold at the moment, please consider making a donation to the Maynard Community Chest – as time goes on, your help is needed even more! Donate now.