The Front Steps Project: Maynard – Jane

Jane –

Can you all hear me!?

As I have told many folks since this all began, I am an introvert. I have been training for this all my life! I live alone most of the time, and am retired. I have actually loved my time painting, reading, Netflixing, jigsaw puzzling, walking, knitting…..eating…… But as much as I feel so very fortunate in so many ways, including enjoying my own company, I’m realizing, as we all are, how much I ache for my family and friends. Talking at a distance, whether 6ft or 100 miles away, only makes more obvious the fact that you’re missing out on that big hug, kissing up your grandkids, squeezing the hand of someone who needs it. Touch is the important sense that is collectively making us sad. And I hear the huge sigh when all this is “over”.

But I will say, again, I am one of the privileged. I hope at this time that you each can reach out in some way to help those who are not so fortunate. I’ve seen so many generous people here in Maynard doing just that. To all of you, I say Thank You…..Can You Hear Me!!!!?