The Front Steps Project: Maynard – Peg and Deb

Peg –

Time on our hands and currently no place to go. Our friend offers to swing by the house and, at a safe distance for all, record our COVID-19 “stay-at-home” experience with his camera lens. Two things come to mind: one, we are definitely starved for social interaction and for news of friends and folks in town (after all, Maynard is one big extended family); and two, we want to let everyone know, by means of social media photos, that we are well, happy, being productive in smaller ways, and staying positive.

Russ nails the photo shoot. Everyone exits the scene with a smile. Life goes on in a truncated version. This is our first experience with “life interrupted”. We are dealing well with this temporary disruption , knowing that we will soon be back to a regular schedule and routine, however modified or changed by world events.